Healthier Eating?

food   Not only was this a pretty photo, but it gives  hints on foods that are good for you.

We’ve been trying to eat better…more fruits and vegetables and I’m trying to cut down on the meats.   We’re baking, grilling more and trying to fry less.

Ernie gets up and makes breakfast every morning…he’s a terrific cook (and baker!!!)   He’s still making fresh biscuits every few days and we have a biscuit and an egg daily.  We’re both taking vitamins and I take 4 or 5 supplements.   My calcium rates have come up and seem to be staying in the good zone….and that’s a good thing.

I’m taking low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt for lunch with some type of fresh fruit (blackberries, blueberries, black grapes and cutie oranges. Pretty much whatever looks good in the store.)

Dinner is a small piece of meat, fresh from the garden greens, and a vegetable or some roasted new potatoes.  Occasionally rice and stir fry vegetables or spaghetti with chopped zucchini and onions mixed in…when we’re splurging, it’s tacos, burritos or pizza.

I’m drinking green tea (Ernie is still a coffee drinker) and lots of water.  Sometimes ice tea with dinner.  Sadly,  Ernie  has a sweet tooth and I have no will power!  If he brings it in or makes it,  I’ll eat it.  That’s NOT a good thing, lol.

I don’t know about y’all, but I get tired of the same dishes.   I need some inspiration for foods that don’t require lots of time consuming efforts, that are nutritional without being loaded with sugars or fats.   I like to cook in bulk and freeze meals ahead.   Feel free to comment with your favorites…or post a link to your blog or web-site.   I’m not supposed to be losing weight, but I want to be healthier with less processed and more natural foods.   The cancer cells grow on sugars and bad fats, so this is a health issue for me.    I’m open to new foods…we’ve tried and like Quina,   I’ve finally found a way I’ll eat white hominy and we’ve decided we like cactus!   The Nopales cactus ( ) cut up and lightly battered fries just like okra and tastes like green tomatoes.  I understand they are a great addition for burritos.., and I think they would be the perfect substitute for green tomatoes in the green tomato soup I like so well.

Your ideas are welcomed~


Susan ~ Patchkat





3 responses to “Healthier Eating?

  1. We bought a Vitamix 3 weeks ago and have gotten hooked on green smoothies for our breakfast. We are each getting 12 servings of raw fruits and vegetables a day in our smoothie. We have each noticed how much our energy has increased and for the 1st time in 22 years I have not had insomnia. I started sleeping better by the 3rd day of smoothies. Our diet was not bad before, but we sure didn’t eat this healthy! I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to eat healthier.

  2. Try and great redo’s for healthy cooking. I am no longer in the diabetic AIC range. Our eating has reduced my scores and col. is 119. We eat whole grains, fresh veggies, fresh fruits, nuts, ww pasta, brown rice, greek yogurt and lots of sweet potatoes. FRom Farm to Table is our gold.

    • Ernie wouldn’t touch a sweet potato even if he was starving, lol. I enjoy a good sweet potato. Oh, I can fry or roast white and sweet potatoes together and Ernie will eat a few bites…

      Thanks for the sites. I’ll check them out this weekend!