The past week at a glance ~

Ernie is busily putting the grape arbor together.  Since we’re using reclaimed materials, it’s like fitting a puzzle together!  The arches are welded to the basic framework.  He’s cutting the cross bars for the grapes to grow on and trying to get them screwed into place.  Something about the types of metal and he doesn’t have the right thing to weld them together.   He’s adding longer sections to the legs to raise the whole frame to about 8′ tall once it’s driven into the ground.  I’m so excited as are the grape plants.  They’ve been climbing the window (to the ceiling) in our spare bedroom.  Gotta get them into the ground before they take over the whole room!

We’ve had 3 really cold nights…one down to freezing (in MAY for pete’s sake!)  The high one day was 46 degrees.  Winter is really hanging on for dear life.   Looks like we’ll  have another cold front pushing through midweek.

Nice Boss lady treated all the employees + spouses to dinner at Prima Pasta.   Lately,  we’ve been so busy that we haven’t been able to do lunches, so we combined several months of birthdays and went out for dinner.  Food was yummy…and we all got to enjoy visiting outside the work environment.  Fun!  Servings were huge…we brought at least half of our meals home…they became dinner the next night with the addition of salad fresh from the garden.

I had a visit with the oncologist.  X-rays from the last visit show I have 2 hairline fractures in the left pelvic arch…no wonder it’s been giving me so much trouble.   Of course, outside of pain pills, there is nothing to be done.  The radiologist indicated in his report that they would probably heal over time.   I cannot carry anything, cannot lift anything…and have to be very careful of how I step, sit, whatever.  Keep those prayers going us please.  This too shall pass with the help of our Lord.

We made a run into Brownwood last night for some hardware for the arbor, then stopped at Jordan’s for dinner.   Servings in the restaurants are too large for most people.  I did finish my BLT and a few fries.  Came home,  took care of kitties then crawled into the recliner.

Ernie was up before dawn getting ready to attend a men’s fellowship breakfast about 40 miles away from here.  I slept until 8:15.   Started the day with a handful of pills and then scrubbed the bathroom.   I’ve had a late breakfast so now it’s time to turn my attentions to the kitchen…and maybe, just MAYBE a little sewing.  Wouldn’t that be nice.

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  1. That was a busy week! The dinner sounds fun. I could have pretended to have had a birthday…. (pout…LOL) Bummer about the hip, guess this means you are out of the rope skipping championship finals this year? Dang! What a drag. You *could* use it as an excuse to sit down and sew more! Seriously, hope you are not too uncomfortable. Love you lots!