Times are getting tough in our area….

We’ve had 5 burgleries in Burkett in the last couple of months…and Coleman has had as many or more in the same time frame.  The County Sheriff seldoms comes out here.   You can call, but there’s no telling when they’ll respond.  The excuse is not enough man power to cover all of Coleman County.

Anyhow,  there are several interested parties in town who want to form a loosely structured Community crime watch type thing.   With so few people in town,  everyone knows when you’re gone…they watch the cars in the driveways…and know when everyone goes to work, church or just out.    They seem to be most interested in fire arms and jewelry…easily disposed of things and whatever money they can find.  Two houses here were totally vandalized…wiring striped out of AC units, walls and other appliances. (copper is apparently easily sold).   Both houses were uninhabited…one lady died, the other is in a nursing home, so plenty of time to rip them off.

We’ve locked our important stuff away for awhile and taken a few extra precautions around the house.   People shouldn’t have to live like this…I feel sorry for the people who’ve been broken into and burglerized.  We were broken into in El Paso, and let me tell you…it’s true that you feel violated.  Just the thought that someone could get in so easily, prowl and touch all your stuff and take what they want….leaves you with a very sour taste in your mouth.

My co-worker’s son and daughter in law were broken into last Friday….they got in a bathroom window,  riffled through their dressers and closet.  Got out with a PS3, laptop computer, small hand held video camera, all his guns and all the jewelry they could find.  When the Police were called,  they examined the house, fingerprinted a window, took a few pictures and left.  AND in broad daylight…no one saw a thing!  In a residential area!   Give me a break.   I don’t think the Police even canvassed the neighborhood.   Hopefully,  they’ll put the stuff out to the local pawn shops…and recover some of the things.

So,  we’re going to have a few meetings and try to patrol when  many are gone from home…and to patrol the neighborhood in the evenings.  The electric company came out and replaced the street light, so it’s not so dark on this end of the street.   We have motion detectors on both carports…and all the doors/windows are double locked.  Cannot stop them, but we can certainly slow them down a little.  If we can keep enough heat on them, maybe they’ll move on.

My thoughts are that so many are unemployed or don’t care to work…many of them moved here to get away from town where they were being watched for drug doings.  Now, they’re out here away from prying eyes, unemployed…with no social services…and who ever was helping to support them no longer can afford to…but the habits are still there.  I guess theft seems like an easy way to keep things status quo. 

Either way,  I’m tired of having to watch every car coming through town, every new person walking down the road…and laying awake at night watching cats and raccoons triggering the lights.  This has to stop.

Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “Times are getting tough in our area….

  1. So sorry you are experiencing the low life disease. It’s hard to live in a rural area with not enough money to fund adequate police protection. We experience the same problem in the rural areas of our county. I’m fortunate to live in town and we have a responsive police department. In town we have had several breakins in our schools. They take walkie talkies, computers, cameras, etc. but also stay long enough to vandalize things like copy machines and laminators. It’s sad when they steal from the children. I’ll be praying that they catch the thieves, not that they move on to become someone else’s problem.

    • that’s our prayer too….I’m praying they catch them before someone gets hurt. Certainly not worth a loss of life.,,or a serious injury.

  2. It has gotten worse with the economy going down the tubes. We have worked all our life’s for what we got and its getting really bad to think these people can’t get off there butt to go work for what they need. Stealing from others is so wrong.
    We have talked for so long about the changes in life. Our children playing outside not having all the electronic gadgets, today you never see a child outside playing and I know some of that is caused from the economy. I know I would not want my grandchildren outside by themselves playing like we did as kids. People stealing and kidnapping has gotten to be a norm anymore. I live in a city and I won’t even open our windows and leave them open all night because of the break ins. Its said in my opinion. I like you, would just love to see the days when this were not happening.
    All we can do is keep watching out for ourselfs and our neighbors. We have had a lot of that in the country areas around here also. Its sad just sad.

  3. Oh, I am so sorry. You are right. No one should have to live that way. I will keep you in my prayers.