I finally managed to get a little sewing done.   I’m still working on Sheryl’s NYD mystery.   I’m at the point of assembling the blocks and setting the top together.   Today I cleaned my sewing table off in the sewing room.   Who knows, maybe soon I’ll be able to load a quilt and do some quilting.

One of the on-line groups I belong to has joined with another on-line group to provide quilts to children in need.   It’s always fun to work on children’s quilts…they’re small, don’t take tons of blocks and are pretty easy to get quilted and bound.  This may inspire me to try harder to get some things done, some fabric used and space in my sewing room.   You’ll notice I didn’t post Stashbuster goals this year…but I’m still actively trying to bust my stash.

Spent a couple of hours outside this afternoon.  Pulled spinach, onions and salad greens.   Washed the leaves, took all the trimmings back to the planter boxes and buried them.   Figure I might as well compost right there in the boxes.  That box has earthworms in it, so maybe they’ll oblige me and turn my trimmings into good compost :-)

Ernie got on the mower and worked in the onion field.  The aroma of wild onions was so strong, he had to stop several times until he could see again.  It looks so innocent, but wild onions are potent.   I pulled weeds out of the iris bed and Ernie ran the weedeater around the rose bushes, garden and the fences.  Looks much nicer out there.

Now, it’s nap time!

Susan ~ Patchkat



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