“MOH Challenge” fabrics Chosen (I think)

Well,  I think I”ve chosen my pattern and my fabrics.   The challenge was to use the big floral fabric and either 4 different fabrics  OR  for those of us who only work with scrappy fabrics, we can use any 3 fabrics and other shades/prints in those 3 color families.

I’ve chosen PURPLE, BLUE-GREEN and YELLOW-GREEN with assorted prints or other solids to match.   Everything came from my stash except for the floral piece  (“Summer’s End”) which was donated by Hoffman fabrics.  Thank you to Hoffman for supporting Mission of Hope!

moh challenge fabrics I’m not going to share my pattern yet,  but I think it will show off the big floral pattern nicely. 

You’ll just have to stay tuned to see how it all turns out.  The colors are brighter than shown here…my flash washes it out too bad.

Being a creature of habit,  all my stitching will be done on a 1949 Singer FeatherWeight machine.  I adore that little machine.  It’s been with me for years and traveled to all the retreats.

Susan ~ Patchkat


5 responses to ““MOH Challenge” fabrics Chosen (I think)

  1. I liike your choices–can’t wait to see the results. Is your FW old enough to have the scroll design on the side (is it called threat plate?). While I was glad to find a functioning FW, I was disappointed to have the straight line design. Mine is 1953. I’m doing all my sewing on it too unless I really need a zig zag, and then I get out the old White.

    • I have had 3 with scroll face plates and 1 with straight line. I’ve given two to daughters and am fixing the 3rd one up as my spare…and it will eventually go to our 3rd daughter (she doesn’t sew, but I”m hoping she’ll be interested in learning…or the grand daughter will be! I think the one I’m using has straight lines, but I am too lazy to walk over and look in the case right now (too much yard work yesterday)

  2. Susan, I have found sometimes that I get a better, clearer picture with just good light and not using the flash. Like you, with the flash it’s not as sharp and clear. I like your selection of fabrics!