Gardening news

We have potatoes, okra, asparagus up in the big (original) garden.  Still a lot of weeds too.  Ernie weeded part of the walkway areas a week or so ago…but they grow much faster than either of us seem to be able to move, lol.  That’s pretty bad when weeds grow at twice the speed of sound in our area.   Eventually,  we’ll put down weed stop stuff and add a layer of hay over that to give us a place to walk and the weeds no where to grow.

The garden boxes are looking great


Need to add more beets and some squash plants to the box on the right. The box on the left rear is doing really well.  They’re both in the shade by 3PM.   That’s a great thing when the afternoon temps are above 100 degrees.


This box is chock full of onions, radishes, salad greens, beets and spinach.  I’m ready to pull the spinach to cook and cannot wait until the beets are ready to pickle.  The radishes are about 3/4 inch to an inch.  They are still a little on the small size, but the flavor is outstanding.

We’re so excited that all the crops are doing well.  Only thing that didn’t do well was the carrots.  I think we’ll plant another batch and pay more attention to the depth and spacing of the seeds.

If these continue doing well,  Then next year we may add more boxes.  Hopefully,  Ernie will get the grape arbor finished up soon.  The grapes are still in the house and seem to be thriving.   Keep praying for rain!

Susan ~Patxhkat



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