A day of training ~ ~ ~

Texas Housing Authority offers a lot of good training for the housing authorities.

Yesterday’s training was in Bridgeport.  We left home a lirrle after 6AM.  Arrived at our destination at 9:14AM.  Ernie had the Garmin programed and she led us right to where we needed to be.   We drove through some beautiful horse country, a large pecan orchard and a bunch of small towns.  A very nice trip once we got off of I-20.   I-20 was bumper to bumper 18 wheelers.  It was raining and that combination makes me nervous.

We finished the morning session on Disabilities and making the apartments accessible. We headed for a local sandwich shop where I  had an outstanding Patty Melt on rye and fries.  When we paid out,  the shop owner gave each of us a enormous chocolate truffle.  She had a dessert case full of handmade cookies, brownies, muffins and candies.  I would love to try them all!

We made it through the afternoon session on Discriminations then it was time to head out.  We still bank in our old location and there is not a branch within 200 miles of home.   It was a pleasure to find a branch in Springtown…and to see that it’s open till 5pm EVERY DAY.  We were able to accomplish our banking business at the bank instead of by mail!!!

From there,  it was down to Weatherford to purchase a new Craftsman weed eater.  Then to the grocery for some much needed food stuffs.  What is it that no matter what’s on the grocery list,  we still need stuff when we start cooking?  I needed a few new Summer clothes, a dress for granddaughter’s wedding and a pair of shoes to match said dress.    I did purchase 3 pairs of capris and matching shirts…no dress, no shoes  : < (

Will have to get online and search more stores.  Would much rather be able to try stuff on.  Did find one possible dress on Macy’s site.

By this time,  it’s 6:30PM and we’re still 2 hours from home.  Ernie’s cousins live in Weatherford, so we decided to call and maybe squeeze in a short visit.   Both were home and we spent an hour and a half with them.  Sure enjoyed the visit.  I just love those two.

We made it home about 10:30PM.  Both of us were exhausted and I was hurting.  Took my evening pills and fell asleep in the recliner.  Actually got a full night’s sleep.   I took today off to rest up.   Nice Boss Lady watched me having major problems yesterday…her comment on me taking off the day was to not worry about the time and no…don’t try to come in at lunch.   She’s such a compassionate boss and a good friend.  I cannot imagine working for anyone else.   We’re both planning to retire when we get the Hi-Rise back on line and the residents back into their apartments.  I’m looking forward to being able to retire and do a few things I want to do without having to worry about taking time off…and while I am still mobile.  Think my days of hiking and climbing are over, but there are still places I would like to visit.  I pray that the Lord will continue to bless my health.   I know all the tribulations are in His plans for me and that He will carry me through.

God called a very dear neighbor home last night.  He had developed dementia, and become unable to do the things he loved best…Bill had to give up his painting/remodeling business.  He could no longer fish the tanks and the Bayou.   He was unable to work his gardens or take care of his beloved chickens.   Now Bill is well and healthy in Heaven.  Who wouldn’t consider that a blessing?


Susan ~ Patchkat


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  1. I really like the part on retirement, see sewing days in the future. The Lord has been good to all of us, We can accept our pains, while their are some not able to do so. As you say, ” God is Good”