It’s been a rough and busy week.  Really glad to see the backend of the Friday workday.

Next week will be busy too…and on top of all that,  I have to go to Bridgeport for a days training.   That’s about a 2 and 1/2 hour drive from home.  We elected to get up early and drive as opposed to having to go and spend the night.

Our bluebonnets are really starting to bloom.  Need to drive by the cemetery and see what’s blooming.   Most years they are really thick and gorgeous…though there have been a couple of lean years.   The red/pink bluebonnets are also blooming.  While they’re pretty, the real bluebonnets are my favorites.   I’ve seen Buttercups and of course, the Texas Verbena.   On the way to work, there is a farm house with a field of bluebonnets and one yucca plant.  All are blooming right now so it’s bright white yucca plumes in a field of blue.  People stop every year to take pictures of their kids in his field.  I worry about rattlesnakes, lol…you wouldn’t catch me in his field!  Maybe I’ll stop Monday and try to get a photo from the road.

The weekend is shaping up to be busy.  Need to head for Brownwood sometime and pick up pills.   Hoping to get some quilting time in and would love to do some work outside.  That will depend on how Ernie feels.  Digging is a chore for him and impossible for me.  I miss being able to tend my garden and flowers.   I have such grandiose ideas and plans…and I cannot do the work to make them happen.  We have iris, daylilies and a couple of canna bulbs to get planted.   Need to plant more beets, radishes and one more round of salad greens.  Maybe our freezes are finally over so we can get the tomatoes planted and get some squash started.

For tonight,  I’ve hit the pain pills and planning to lay right here in this recliner till bedtime.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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