Things to be thankful for….

DSCF9057Beautiful Irises….we’ve enjoyed 2 kinds of yellow ones, the solid purples are blooming now as are these bicolored ones.   I enjoy the feeling of fresh hope that comes over me when the iris bloom.   They’re so beautiful and so vibrant.   Just a pure joy.








The weather has been such this year that our fields have large patches of wild Texas Verbena.  This is a small patch close to the house…sorry I couldn’t get any closer to it…too many fences in the way.   Don’t know that you can see the flowers too well, but they are purple and absolutely gorgeous.  The fencelines along the highway are almost solid purple with the Verbena…and of course, the Blue Bonnets are blooming.  I haven’t taken the camera out yet for photos.  Maybe this weekend.




I’m thankful for our family,  friends, the church family and my internet friends.  I’m thankful for my job, our home and the kitties we’re allowed to nurture.   I’m thankful for the talents we’ve been given…and the chance to use them to help others.   When so many around us are struggling,  we’re okay.  I’m thankful for our health, for the Lord’s continued blessings…and for HIS son, Jesus Christ.  I’m thankful we live in a free country where I can pray in public and post my thoughts without worry.    No matter how bad the times, the situation,  I can always find something good to praise the Lord for…always.    How about you?   What are you thankful for this evening?

Susan ~ Patchkat




3 responses to “Things to be thankful for….

  1. I’m, thankful for so many blessings-good friends, wonderful family, health, and very thankful that I clicked on your blog one time long ago because you have shown me the meaning of love of God and faith. Your posts are always uplifting! Jacqui

  2. I too am thankful I found your blog and I’m blessed everytime I read your postings.

    I’m thankful today that the Lord helped me to succeed in unstopping the toilet for my elderly Dad so we didn’t have to have a big plumbing bill. So glad that being female doesn’t limit what we can learn to do like using that plumbers snake, a little anyway. God is so Good.