Much ado about water!

Amazing what a little water can do for one’s disposition!   The Lord saw fit to bless our little area with a little over an inch of rain last night!   No hail, no storms as predicted, just rain.   We did have a little wind along with it, but it was great. This morning,  I noticed the rains had moved on to Louisiana and Alabama.  Hope they needed it as much as we do.  Hated to see it move out of Texas.

The morning radio show was all about rain, how much everyone in the County received…like it’s a big contest, lol.   We’re just so thankful to have ANY rain…and we’re thankful for every drop.   Our rainfall averages are way below normal.    We need that proverbial monsoon frog strangler rain.  Maybe next time.   For now,  our trees, rose bushes and the garden are enjoying the moisture and the overcast day.

Susan ~ Patchkat



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