saga of the tickets

Life used to be sooooo simple…back then, I called the travel agent.  Told her where I wanted to go and the proposed dates of travel.   An hour or so later, she called me back with all the possibilities and we booked flights, hotels, cars.  It was soooo easy.

I just completed booking the flights for Granddaughter #1’s wedding.   Took me 2 hours to figure out what was the best deal for the dates we’re needing to travel and to get the flights booked, seating picked and a car rented.  Do you know how many time options there are for DFW to MKE???  About 6 airlines, (about 40 options for each leg of trip) most with at least 1 stop.   Like I want to fly from Dallas to Houston to Milwaukee….and spend 7.3 hours doing it…..NOT.   Oh,  we could’ve gone from Dallas to Denver…then to Milwaukee.  CRAZY!

At least that’s done for now.  We’ll be heading to WISCONSIN in July…and again in September.   I will fight the battle for September’s arrangements at another time.  Couldn’t handle two sets of reservations tonight, lol.

Oh…if you choose to “compare” rates between all the cheap ticket/see them on TV places….be prepared to get lost in the screens and be there for hours repeating the information.

Since when is a Ford Fusion considered a fullsize car????   We’re used to traveling in a Windstar!   Should be an interesting trip, but we’re really looking forward to seeing the kids, grands and great grand again….and attending the wedding.

Only thing left is to decide what to wear .  Formal July wedding…outside…in muggy WI!   Don’t guess shorts would be acceptable, lol.   Wonder if mosquito repellent would be in good taste????   Enough for tonight!

Susan ~ Patchkat



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