What a fun night!

Friends invited us to a concert last night.  We had Chinese dinner before hand, enjoying the conversation and catching up on things…then we headed off to the Surrender Tour….which featured Clay Crosse, Russ Taff (formerly with the Imperials and then the Gaither family) and Bob Carlisle (think “Butterfly Kisses” from 1997).    2  1/2 hours of Christian gospel music that had us clapping and singing along for part of it.   I came home with 2 CDs and a nice memory.

The forecasted norther blew in…and we fought wind all the way home from Brownwood.   Made it home about 10:45PM to a bunch of kitties thinking they needed special attention (FOOD) again.   Wrong.   Okay…so I was a softee and they got another little bite of food. :-)   After a change into comfy night clothes,  we crawled into the recliners for a little TV.   Ernie woke us up about 3AM so we could go to bed.  I think we should’ve just started there, lol.

We had our (5th Sunday” dinner after church today rather than on Easter Sunday.   We had a big pork tenderloin which I seasoned on Friday.  I got up yesterday AM and slapped the tenderloin in the oven.  House started smelling yummy about lunchtime.  The tenderloin went from the oven to the stove top (cool down time) to the refrigerator.   This morning I sliced it, drizzled it with the pan drippings, wrapped it real tight and reheated.   It was so juicy and tender at dinner today.  Love it when that happens!  Sure wasn’t much of it left…which is a good thing.  We’ll probably finish it off for dinner tonight.   I like to purchase those huge tenderloins at Sam’s.  I can cut off 3-6 meals worth of thick cut medallions for the grill……and then have the roast for other things (like the church dinner).    Works out to about $1.00 per meal for the two of us!   Cannot beat the price!   I served it with Italian cut green beans and home made Sweet Potato muffins.

The wind is still pretty much gale force outside and it’s only 51 degrees.   Ernie covered all the plants and the little wild plum tree (it’s blooming) as we’re forecasted to be about 29 degrees tonight and tomorrow night.  I’m ready to see the backside of these freezing nights, but not ready for triple digit days.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful and blessed Palm Sunday.

Susan ~ Patchkat



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