Last week was the first full week of radiation treatments.   While you don’t do anything but lay on a table for 10 minutes, it’s fatiguing. 

Thought Saturday would allow a little resting time…NOT SO.     Ernie had a brotherhood breakfast to attend in a little town about 45 minutes away from home.  That meant getting up really early to be ready to leave about 6:15AM.   By the time Ernie came home, I had the bed stripped and laundry going.   The neighbor’s son came down to do some work for us which entailed them being outside.   Seizing my chance, I ran the vacuum…only because Ernie was outside!   He doesn’t normally let me do anything that he thinks will put undue pressure on my hips.   It’ s been almost 3 years since I was able to vacuum!!!   I vacuumed everything, lol, the floors, furniture, window sills….it was great!    Guess it’s a good thing the cats run from the vacuum or I would’ve been tempted to go right to the source of all those dust bunnies!

We spent some time in the yard watering and checking the plants…then headed to Brownwood for prescriptions.   That’s another whole story.    By the time we made it back to Burkett, it was time to feed kitties, grab some dinner and finally relax for awhile.

Right at midnight,  Ernie jumped up and said…is this the night the time changes?   I couldn’t remember so he looked it up online and started resetting the clocks.   Never realized we have so many clocks.   You know what…the kitties internal clocks cannot be reset!   ApacheKat was most insistent on being fed at her “normal” time.   That meant not sleeping sound from about 4:30AM until she was fed as she has taken to beating on the wooden blinds to wake us.   She can climb up on the bed, but with her sores and the arthritis, she cannot get down very easy by herself.   That means someone has to get up and physically set her on the floor.   So much for sleeping till 7AM, lol.   At least we were up ontime for church.

Spent most of the remainder of Sunday being a couch potato.   The time change has my schedule sooo messed up…it was 8PM before we started dinner…which is way too late for us.   This too shall pass and we’ll get back into our grooves.  Just a nuisance until then.

Here it is,  Monday.   Time to start all over…work, radiation, home….

Catch ya later!

Susan ~ Patchkat


7 responses to “EXHAUSTED!!!!

  1. Be sure and keep the areas that they are doing well moisturized with whatever they are recommending. I found it too thick and had to thin it down a little with some Vaseline Intensive Care to make it more spreadable. I hope your treatments work as well as mine did. It’s been ten years. Be sure and find something to occupy you that you can do without moving that area too much.

    • They gave me Aquaphor…which is the consistency of Vaseline…but I’m having better luck with Gold Bond lotions. Hadn’t thought about thinning the other down. Thanks!

  2. You two are such strong people. It amazes me. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hang in there cupcake. Lynn

    Don’t assume people have a plan; they may be waiting for you to tell them the plan!

    Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2013 15:17:10 +0000 To: lynndianne55@hotmail.com

    • Lynn, I appreciate your words of encouragement. Thank you so much! Prayers are always welcome.

  3. Hi Susan, stay positive, it’s the best medicine along with laughter. You’re doing way way too much though, you need to give yourself adequate rest periods through the day. I worked in Radiation Therapy for about 3 years, you need to rest, drink lots of fluids, stay good and hydrated. I don’t know where your site is, but I know that radiation is not easy even though it looks harmless enough, it is still hard on you. So go slower please, take care of yourself and keep your upbeat attitude.

    • Becky, All good advice. With working fulltime, resting during the day is not an option. Most evenings, we get dinner done and I turn into a couch potato. That’s not easy for me as my sewing room is where I would rather be. Just not enough energy to get out there and sew. We drink lots of water (still not enough as my skin is soooo dry) and I smear lotions on. What I notice most is the fatigue. No matter how much rest I do get…I’m still exhausted. They’re radiating a large area…middle of right pelvic saddle to about 3″ below the joint onto the femur. Hard to NOT move that area, lol…as one is constantly shifting, sitting, standing…This is the 3rd round of radiation on various body parts and each time, I end up with at least 1 radiation sore. Those are the worst. Don’t know if there is any way to prevent them, and not much to do to treat them.