Too Grown Up!

alli and nic  Allison and friend Nic dressed up for the Martin HS Cheerleading Banquet.   When did she get so mature????  It’s so hard to see these Grands growing up…as we remember when they were little, helpless babes in diapers!   That was not so many years ago!~

allie and nic 2

Anyhow,  like it or not,  they’ve all grown.    We have  5 Granddaughters in college…with 2 of those planning to marry in 2013.   WOW.   Are WE that old????  Nahhhh….they’ve just matured fast!

The Lord has certainly blessed our family.   Some of these Grands are ready to settle and have families.   One has schooled in Law Enforcement and is waiting for her acceptance to a force to complete her training.   Another has musical ambitions…she auditioned at UT San Antonio a couple of weeks ago for the band program.   I’ve been told that is one of the best programs (and hardest to get into) around the area.   One has blessed us with our first GREAT Grandson!

We’re proud of all 11 Grand Children and their parents for the raising they’ve done!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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