Health Update & Garden Stuff

Saw the Oncologist Radiologist last week. Was scheduled to start radiation on the right hip/thigh last Thursday, but…Dr didn’t have stuff to insurance in time for approval. Long story short, I start this afternoon. Should have 12-15 days of treatments. That’s 120+ miles everyday. Ick.

The new Chemo was approved, but the Radiologist doesn’t want me to start that till we finish with this course of radiation. It’s always something going on, lol.

Saturday saw the wind blowing gale force by mid morning, but Ernie got out and braved the elements to plant potatoes and asparagus. We already have asparagus, but it’s not very prolific…added 6 more roots of a different variety. Maybe it will be better. He watered all the plants on the front porch that are tarped at night against the freezing temps. They’re all shooting out green and looking like they’ll make it. Need to figure out where we’re going to plant them. I’m ready to have plants in the ground as opposed to in pots.

Next weekend, we’ll try to put out okra, peppers, squash and possibly the first tomato plants. Looks like we’re going to have warmer nights. Oh…Ernie has started on the grape arbor. I hauled the framework into the yard to see where I want it placed… Still need to move it around some, but – the arches we have fit the top…just need to wire in some heavy fencing to support vines. I’m excited! I have wrought iron trim from a neighbor’s house that I want to put on the front supports for decoration…and I cannot wait to see it finished and the grapes planted.

The iris are beginning to bloom! Of course, one of the yellows opened up on the shortest stem ever…the flower is basically on the ground. How dumb is that??? Not sure what it needs…more water, fertilizer or to be thinned. Probably all of the above. The other iris are looking pretty normal.

While Ernie was outside playing in the plants Saturday, I started a big pot of beans and a pot of chicken/pepper soup. I took everything out of the top cabinets (we removed the doors years ago and I painted the insides white). Anyhow, I took out all the decorative pottery and the greenery. Washed everything and put most of it back. Some will go else where in the house and some will just go away. Cleaned the hanging pot rack, the spice rack and the venthood over the stove. That just leaves the china cabinet to finish. Feels great to be able to do this stuff again. It’s been too long since I felt able to do any deep cleaning.

I put the silk daffodil arrangement together for the church sanctuary and played on the computer for awhile. As you can see…things go on just like normal. Still no sewing, but stuff is planted and the kitchen is 99% clean! The sewing will come.

Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “Health Update & Garden Stuff

  1. Don’t envy the long drive to and fro for treatments but continuing prayers. Very jealous of the “blooming things”. 10 more inches of snow expected between today and tomorrow. The groundhog lied – this is not an early spring! I may have to hunt down the little bugger and give him a good talking to!! ;-)

  2. Susie, how do you cut your irises back?? Mom, again, used to trim hers in an upside V ah that would be cap 6, ^ lol that’s of course when dad didn’t beat her to them with the mower. And perhaps that one is planted on a rock. I don’t have a garden at all. I only have my four lonely azaleas :( but that leaves me more time to play on this and the sewing machine. Big hugs. Retta

  3. I had really good luck with Martha Washington asparagus, of course that was in Alabama. I didn’t like where I had planted it the first year so I moved it in the fall. I had a nice yield the next year, stalks as big around as my fingers!

    • I may have to move ours to another bed. That may be part of the problem…they don’t like where I have them.