First blooms of Spring..’cept it’s still Winter, lol


Pretty dancing daffodils are in our garden!   These are the first two blooms.  Couldn’t resist bringing them in to enjoy.

Ernie planted carrots, more radishes and the last of the onion sets today.  It’s about 65 degrees and sunny with very light winds.  I would’ve been helping, but I’m down in my hip.  My sciatica is screaming today.

Instead,  I’m doing a little laundry and trying to do a little organizing of my jewelry and scarves….the accessory stuff.  Scamp has decided my scarves are great play toys and has damaged several…figured I should move all of them out of harms way.  Never had to put stuff away for the kids or grandkids….but having to for a rotten kitten!  What’s wrong with this picture?

Susan ~ Patchkat



3 responses to “First blooms of Spring..’cept it’s still Winter, lol

  1. Beautiful, I only have long leaves waving, no flowers yet. Maybe sometime. When is your next time off? Need to work on the NYD again.