Can we say AWESOME???

reed Reed…our oldest Grandson…and he’s AWESOME!!!!! We have so much fun with him when they come to visit….Grandad calls Reed his “hillbilly”. We’ve watched him grow into a polite, considerate youmg man.

Here’s Allison ;


We’re proud of our Granddaughters…both had their artwork selected to be displayed at the Arlington Art Museum.  Allison’s was a work using textures and Adrienne’s was using an infinity line…


and this is Adrienne ;

and some credit should go to their Mom…and our youngest Daughter, Stacie!   She changed her FB profile pic and I love it!!!!

Stacie  She and hubby, Lane are doing a great job raising these Grands.   They’re all exceptional kids and we’re really proud of them.


Susan ~ Patchkat





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