Another weekend gone ~

The backing squares are sewed together, but nothing was loaded on the machine or quilted.   You know that old saying…”the best laid plans….”

The kitchen was cleaned, the laundry done and a few other things like that.  Dinners thawed, cooked, eaten…but no quilting.

However,  it was not a wasted weekend.   Ernie hauled sand which he spread over the big garden and tilled.   While he did that, I replanted some Rudebeckia that showed signs of life and some flowering Quince  that I rooted several years ago.   Spent some time weeding the daylily pots.  Watered everything.   Have some canna bulbs to plant along the back fence and some new herbs to pot up.   It’s still a little early.

Our gorgeous Russian Sage died last Summer…and I’ve been on the prowl for more.   I emailed a nursery in Abilene and they had 10 plants left!!!!   They’re holding several for me :-)     Should be able to pick them up next week when I go to the dr.   Russian Sage has beautiful gray leaves and puts out the most outstanding purple spikes of flowers…what a great plant.   It’s Winter hardy in our area and mostly drought resistant.   I need to figure out where I want to plant the new ones before next week, lol.

Have an idea for a bird feeder/grape arbor made from some scrap metal.   Pulled the framework out into the yard to plan placement.  Ernie will have to add 8′ legs to the existing framework and some cross bars, but it should work just fine.  It will be nice to have a place to hang the feeders where the birds have hidey places close at hand.    I’ve missed having grapes, so hoping the new ones will do well.  We had a great arbor in El Paso with 4 kinds of grapes….that was a wonderful place to sit in the Summer.  So easy to grab a handful of grapes and snack.  Of course,  there were times we had to fight the wasps for them…but it was okay.

Once that’s in place,  I have an even grander plan for the old boat in the back 40.   Plan to dig out a hole, sink the boat.   Add some flat rocks and plants around the edges and presto…new  pond!  Of course, that will probably invite critters I don’t want into the area.  The cats will have to be vigilant against snakes.   It’s not deep enough for fish, but that’s okay.  The raccoons would take care of any fish.

The old tire idea is waiting for a few old tires…and a little warmer weather.  I’m actually excited about the yard this year.  About time too.  We’ve only owned the property since 2003!   By the end of Summer,  Lord willing,  we’ll have a place to sit and drink tea in the afternoons, a place to watch birds and gardens that work.

So that’s how our weekend went.   Stitching took backseat to yardwork.

Susan ~ Patchkat



4 responses to “Another weekend gone ~

  1. I’d love to see pictures of your backyard. I was unsuccessful with Russian Sage the last time I planted it. It looked great in my neighbor’s yard but died in mine. Maybe I’ll try it again next year. The early daffodils are trying to bloom here, but the weather won’t cooperate. We need a warm day to get them really blooming.

    • our daffodils are trying to bloom too…and we’re having high winds. Did get a soft rain last night. Some sun today would cause them all to burst forth. Russian Sage likes well drained not too rich soil.

  2. I read your interesting newsletter and wanted to comment on the Russian Sage. It is on the invasive species list. It was planted here in Michigan several years ago as wildlife habitat. It has now taken over and has crowed out a lot of our native plants . We have a tree farm and have never planted it here but it is everywhere! Just to let you know. Thanks for listening to my soapbox message.



    • I’ve heard it can be invasive, but our climate makes it need garderner care…it isn’t hardy enough here without human intervention. We do have some very invasive plants in our area…but not the Russian Sage. We had ours in a storage tub half buried in the garden. It lived well in the tub, but wouldn’t even seed on it’s own. It was huge, filled the tub and was gorgeous. For all the seeds it dropped, and the limbs that hung onto the surrounding ground…nothing.