It’s Friday!

Dear S-I-L , Martha, is hanging in there.   She’s in Hospice care…having good days where she is alert, hungry and talkative…and then a string of days where she mostly sleeps and doesn’t eat/drink much.   The Lord is working on her, HIS will be done.   Thank you so much for your continued prayers.   

Ernie is still not well.   He’s coughing from deep in his chest and sounds awful.   Keeping him medicated and inside is impossible when it’s so pretty outside in the afternoons.   He’s wanting to till the garden.    MEN!   Such stubborn critters.    He doesn’t need pneumonia.    There’s a lot of that going on in our area.  It’s got to be our unpredictable weather…we go from freezing to 80 degree afternoons….and we’ve had high winds most every day.   Probably doesn’t help that we were outside in the freezing wind a few nights ago on a truck fire right behind our property.   Our volunteer fire department responds to put out fires and to provide traffic control on the highway.   It’s amazing how many people will disregard the truck’s flashing lights and a person or two standing in the road with reflective vests and lights trying to stop them.    I love it when the Sheriff is on scene to flag them over and issue citations for failure to stop.   We see that happen most every time we have to provide traffic control.  People can be such idiots.     

Last weekend,  I had great plans to quilt.   Got my room warmed up,  pulled a top to quilt – no backing.   Grrrr.   I try to do backings and bindings when I finish the tops so everything is ready to go.   This is an older top made from swap blocks.    In 30’s repro fabrics…not my favorites.   In the interest of Stashbusting,  I pulled the bin of 30’s fabrics,  cut 60  10.5″ squares from assorted pieces to sew a backing.   That was an afternoon’s work as it all had to be pressed prior to cutting and I’m slow, lol.    The binding is made…miracle of miracles.   Needless to say, there was no quilting accomplished.

My plans for this weekend are to assemble those blocks, load that quilt and QUILT.   If I can get started,  I might actually be able to get several tops quilted and ready for binding.     Binding…I still need to stitch the bindings on 8 or 10 quilts.    At this point,  I have finished everything with sewn on bindings.   I love the handwork.   Don’t know why I’ve procrastinated so long on finishing these quilts.   Maybe this will be their lucky weekend!

Have you ever tried Bob’s Red Mill 13 bean soup?   I purchased a bag a few weeks ago.   Fired up the stove and cooked a pot last night.   The texture reminds me of lentil soup (which we love).    Think I’ll run it through the processor with a little butter, cream and lemon juice for tonight’s dinner.   I threw in a chunk of salt pork, some garlic and pepper.   It smells really good.   Another new to us product….hope it’s yummy.  I’ll let you know!

Susan ~ Patchkat



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  1. Susan, I tried to send you a soup recipe from a Bob Evans newsletter.  Made it today and it is a keeper.  What address do I need to forward it to you?  It is      

    sausage minestrone.  I used barley in it instead of the little pasta it called for.  It calls for Italian sausage. Joyce in OH