Happy Valentine’s Day~

IMAG0046Hope today finds each of you with a special Valentine…be it child, significant other, great co-workers or a beloved pet!   

I am blessed with all of the above.  Ernie gave me a lovely card at breakfast.  (Breakfast that he cooked !!!  ( I’m spoiled and admit it)   Then there’s a houseful of beloved pets…and a few rotten, rowdy, mischievous kitten types.

My co-worker left for Florida today to see her newest grandbaby.   One of her TX children brought her this gorgeous rose earlier in the week.  Well…co-worker left it on my desk yesterday evening so I could enjoy it the rest of the week.   Now how cool is that?   

Look at the color of this rose.   Creamy white tipped with deep coral.  GORGEOUS!    I cut the bottom of the stems this morning.  I’m hoping it will open up by tomorrow so I can see the innards, lol.  Certainly don’t dare take it home as those rotten kitten types would feel the need to eat the ferns and babies breath!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


4 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day~

  1. Around this house, surprises are not usual. Hubby is not prone to giving flowers or cards. Says after 55 years I should know he loves me. But after working at Rock Hotel (Museum) cooking stew and cornbread for 75 people, I came home to find a mini Rose bush on my chair. It had blooms about 1-2 inches across. Loved the plant.
    Your rose is a beauty. Wonder if it is cream colored in the middle.

  2. The picture of the rose to me looks like it is “Double Delight”…. We have a rose bush in the San Jose

    house now and that is what it is called. They are so fragrant and beautiful ……

    • Don’t know what it is…it doesn’t have any smell (florist flowers usually don’t) but it sure is pretty. I’ll have to look up Double Delight. If it’s this pretty, I may need a bush for the yard! Thanks!!!