Doctors and more Doctors….

Today was the Dr. visit after the Ultra-Sound, lab work and PET scan. The lab work was good, the Ultra-sound showed no blood clots, but we need to work on the rest :-( The PET scan showed several new tumors and that several of the others had increased some. She’s sending me for radiation on the right hip…and putting me on another chemo drug. All that is contingent on insurance in it’s almighty role approving the drugs.

Anyhow, I still feel fine and that’s the part that matters!

Visited with our Sister-in-Law for a few minutes. Her color is much better, she’s able to talk now that they’ve removed all the tubes…but it tires her out and she falls asleep mid sentence. She’s eating a little and sipping water. Her vitals have been better than they were in CCU. God is merciful, God be Praised. We’re keeping her in prayer…along with prayers for Norman. He’s exhausted. Think he’s going to go home for awhile tomorrow to deal with kids, bills and whatever needs to be tended to. He’s scared to go off and leave Martha as that will put him 2 hours away from the hospital…but he needs some rest and a break from that hospital room.

On a postive note – we had a nice, albeit late lunch at Olive Garden. I love their soups! We made the trip to Sam’s for kitty supplies and Wally World for my Rx. And I found a cool fake silver necklace! I found a “garden type” magazine with some of the coolest “reclaimed” ideas. Cannot wait to try a couple of them. little hint, one of them involves used vehicle tires! Ernie just shudders when I say “I think…” as he knows it’s something that’s going to cause him headaches, lol. He’s such a sweet, loving husband!

Our little garden box is bursting with lettuce, radishes, green onions and ? I think it’s the beets! Just the first seed leaves, but it’s a start :-) I need to fix some pots to plant the pepper seeds and some tomatoes. I’ll keep those inside until time to plant…IF they grow. I’ve never had much luck starting seedlings inside.

I managed to get the blocks sewn for Denise’s Lifesaver block swap! Yeah! Need to finish Sheryl’s NYD mystery quilt. Wanda and I got them cut out and the first steps done. She’s got her blocks nearly finsihed, so I’ve got to catch up!

It’s certainly been a busy day. I’ll have to go to work tomorrow to get some rest, lol.

Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “Doctors and more Doctors….

  1. Hi Susan & Ernie:

    Sorry to be so late, thanking you for you donation to MDA. That was so kind and thoughtful of you.

    Karen would have been glad to know that was your idea. She was very involved with MDA and of course

    we saw them in action, especially when Jerry Lewis was involved. When I lived in California, I use to take

    Karen to San Luis Obispo, which was only about l2 miles from where we lived in Grover Beach. She enjoyed

    their meetings and so did I. Flowers are so temporary, but the donations, which she had other ones too, that

    can continue to help others by means of research and etc. Karen had very willingly, (when she was still able to

    drive and get around­)twice, donated tissue from her left arm for research. It was very painful, but she always said,

    “mom, this may help find a cure before Wendy (her youngest daughter and her granddaughter, Jasmine and my

    grandchild before they become disabled like her).. God help, I pray that her donation will do just that.

    This has been the hardest mountain God has given me to climb, but with his grace and mercy and love, he will help

    me climb this mountain. There’s been tears and more tears, but God is my strength and my precious husband

    is helping me all the way. We pray together and we have faith and so very much love that will carry us through.

    Please help us pray for my other two kids, Carla and son, Chuck who are taking it very hard too. My Carla will have

    to have surgery on the l2th, so please keep her in your prayers and we will keep you in ours.. We do already every

    evening for you Susan that our Lord and Savior will envelope you in his arms with his loving healing power.

    Love to you both, May God bless you and heal your body…

    Betty & Bob

  2. Hugs and prayers for a great result from the new treatments and in thankfulness that you do continue to feel good my friend!

    Hmmmm… now about those vehicle tires – can’t wait to see what you do with that! :-)