Floppsy Kat – 2009 – 2/3/2013



Some careless driver robbed us of this lovely boy today.  Hit and killed.  

Floppsy came to us in 2009.  He was a “dump” cat…he’d been neutered and was used to lots of loving.  We’ve never understood why/how someone would’ve given him up.  He’s lived on our deck, slept in the greenhouse and befriended all the other strays who show up here.  He’s taken every step we have when we’ve walked the property or gone down to the bridge…better than any dog.

Floppsy was the sweetest, friendliest, most trusting cat.  He loved everyone…and we all loved him.    His only crime…being unafraid of vehicles.   He would welcome me home every afternoon by guiding the van into the carport.  He slept on the van…he was so trusting.  

And now, he’s gone.  And we’re heartbroken at the senseless loss of such a loving kitty.

Susan ~ Patchkat


14 responses to “Floppsy Kat – 2009 – 2/3/2013

  1. Susan~~I’m so sorry. He sounded like such a sweet kitty and he was so pretty. HUGS

  2. I am so sorry for your loss it’s heartbreaking to lose those that you love, I lost one of my puppies and thought my heart would break, I still miss her.

  3. I so sorry to hear the death of Floppsy. Losing a beloved animal is heart breaking. Just know that , he knows he was loved and that you gave him a good home while he was hear. He will be with you in your heart always.

  4. So sad, Susan. It’s just the same as losing a blood member of one’s family. They do become a trusted member of your family. My heart goes out to you.

  5. Oh, I am *so* sorry. We have known the sorrow of losing a beloved furperson recently enough to know how sharp that pain is. Love and hugs,
    Aunt Deb

  6. I am so sorry to hear about Floppsy., I know what you are going thur too. Hugs and Love,
    Carol in Delaware

  7. So sorry Susan. A couple of years ago, someone poisoned our Roscoe. He was a cat that we had rescued, and we loved him-still do.

  8. Susan, I am so sorry about Floppsy Kat. It is so obvious from your posts how much you loved him. He had a wonderful life with you.

  9. So sorry to hear about Floppsy. It is so hard to lose a beloved cat–he sounded like a jewel. He looked like our Jetta–the lovely long hair black/white fluff ball.