The death of the barn -(

One of our favorite sights here has been the Burkett barn.   The Burkett’s own the property across the road from us…it’s been a storehouse for old junk and a flop house for all the neighborhood kitties for all the years we’ve lived here.   After the bridge,  that barn has been my favorite view and my favorite photo op …

burkett barn   How many turquoise barns have you seen?   This has been the refuge for all the local critters and  the view from our front door.    The house that belongs with the barn has been vacant since we moved here in 2003.   We’ve never really had neighbors.







2 years ago,  it was decided to re-roof the barn, so they tore off the roof.  Once the roof was off, it was decided the rafters needed replacing and the barn wasn’t worth saving.

It stayed in this shape until Friday.

One of the Burkett daughters and her husband have decided to remodel the house and live here.  He has a medical clinic in Cross Plains, so this is much closer to work for him.  We’re excited!

It will be great to have nice neighbors…and we adore her parents.



This is the sight that greeted me when I arrived home on Friday.   You’ll notice the top part of the barn is now tilted to the ground.   They brought in 2 John Deere tractors and tied onto the rafters…and pulled that part down.






DSCF8958and here it is this evening.  A big pile of rubble.  How sad.   Just makes my heart hurt.   Another piece of history gone forever.    Guess it’s a good thing it was my photo subject for so many years.

The kitties will have to find new safe places from the coyotes, wild dogs and other predators.    Once the rubble is gone,  we’ll have a great view of fields down to the Bayou.   It’ll be pretty, but we’ll miss the barn.

Goodbye old friend.


Susan ~ Patchkat


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  1. Your old barn story brought back memories of me at about 10 (56 years ago) running throught the woods and finding an old house in not much better shape than your old barn. Inside was an old trunk filled with old clothes. I’ve always wondered what their life was like and who they were. I still love seeing old barns and houses and wondering……..