This is Winter?

80 degree days, still 60 degrees at 9:30 PM….and this is January!   So not normal, lol.   Makes me want to garden~

That said,  we’ve purchased onion sets, asparagus roots, beet, carrot, spinach, lettuce seeds…and several rosebushes.  I found another Perfumed Delight rose.    They are the most beautiful pink, very fragrant, just yummy roses.   Maybe tomorrow I’ll plant onions, and let Ernie plant the roses.

Ernie ordered a rolling garden seat for me.  Should be just perfect for working the new 15″ high raised beds.   It’s a cool garden seat with room for tools and larger wheels for soft soil.

Made 17 half pints of lemon-orange marmalade tonight.  Yum.   This batch has more lemon than the first batch and a slightly bitter overtone, but it’s yummy.   I cannot wait til breakfast to try some on a fresh biscuit.

While I was finishing the marmalade, Ernie mixed up a batch of Cranberry Orange muffins to carry for the church luncheon tomorrow.

We spent the morning cleaning house, getting laundry done, taking care of kitties.  Went to Brownwood to pick up medications and a few groceries.  Got home, fed kitties, made a pot of chicken soup while the lemon-orange marmalade cooked.  It’s been a busy day in Burkett.

My Sister-in-Law is in the hospital again.  She’s in CCU with major heart issues that are affecting her breathing.  Not sure what they can do if anything other than keep her comfortable.  With the cancer in her lungs, they cannot do surgery.   Or maybe it’s that none of the surgeons is willing to chance the surgery with the cancer.    Martha has had 3 chemo treatments and her CAT scan was good.  None of the tumors had grown which is a blessing.   She was doing well on Thursday, but  woke up yesterday morning unable to breathe.  What we need is nothing short of a miracle – but God is the Great Physician and certainly in the miracle business, so all things are possible.   Please keep her in your prayers.

Susan ~ Patchkat