More sillyness…

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These two are inseperable.   If you see one, you can bet the other is close by.  I don’t know why they were sharing the camel saddle, but when I first saw them, they were engaged in mutual grooming.   By the time Ernie got the camera for me, they were more interested in chewing and wrestling.  But you have to admit, they are cute!   Little Scamp had an attitude adjustment on Friday, so his life should be less complicated and maybe he’ll settle down a little.   He has the strongest climbing urges I’ve ever seen in a kitten.   He’s happiest when he’s hanging 7′ off the floor hooked into the drapes or a quilt on the ladder quilt rack.    ShadowFire is just a fluffy sweetheart.

Susan ~ Patchkat



Finally, a sewing day!!!!

WWanda showed up this morning with her sewing machine and fabric in tow. We pulled the saved files for Sheryl’s NYD mystery quilt. After a few fabric changes, we were ready to start cutting and sewing. We stopped for a quick lunch and then back to the machines. We made it through Clue 2 then had to stop and make Hourglass blocks to move on to the next clues….so that’s where we are, finishing up the hourglass blocks. About 4 pm, WWanda packed up her car and headed for Winters. It was a great day! Thanks for making the trip WWanda. I always enjoy our sewing time.

Ernie wasn’t idle either. He spent the afternoon shoveling sand and turning in peat moss and top soil in the planter boxes. I’ll be ready to plant as soon as i get some onion sets. Cool!!!

Maybe this evening I’ll sew on the Lifesaver blocks….

Susan ~ Patchkat