Busy Day in Burkett

orange marmalade  Started off with church…then some lunch ~

Then it was time to hit the deck!   I was gifted some lovely Satsuma oranges by dear friend Sheryl.   They’ve been in the refrigerator for weeks…and I’ve been eating them out of hand…yummy!

She also gifted me a bunch BUNCH of Meyer lemons…if you’ve never had them,  look for them!  They’re well worth the search.  Cross between a tangerine and lemon.  TO die for!

Anyhow,  I pulled the last of the Satsuma out of the refrigerator yesterday and cut them up for Orange Marmalade.  I’ve never made marmalade, but this was the perfect opportunity to start.   The cut up fruit has to sit for 12-18 hours.    It wasn’t hard to make and I think I’m pleased with the end results.  2 pints and 5 half pints for the pantry.

candyMarmalade done,   time to start on the nuts.   We like chocolate covered nut patties.   I heated salted mixed nuts, almonds, pecans in the oven.   Melted the chocolate in the microwave.    Mixed dried cranberries and blueberries in with the nuts, mixed in the chocolate and dropped on waxed paper.  Ended up with a storage container full of good, healthy snacks.

While I was playing in the chocolate,

Ernie was playing in the dough.     He makes homemade biscuits every few days and keeps us stocked up.  They are soooo yummy.   Doesn’t this make you want to grab some sweet cream butter and honey????


Anyway,  didn’t get much sewing done, but feel like we accomplished a lot.    Cannot wait until morning and a chance to spread fresh marmalade on a hot biscuit!

Susan ~ Patchkat