Swirl Kat = STUPID!

Have you ever wondered what “stupid” looks like?   

Swirl waits for us to come home.  He sits on the deck…waiting….

the minute we park and exit the vehicle,  he jumps down into the yard…and wallers… you can see the bare “hog waller” he’s created.  This is one of several in the front yard that he’s made. 


He lays on his back, both back legs straight up in the air…and if he’s turned bottom side to us,  all you see are his eyes looking between his back legs…he flops back and forth, twists around and just enjoys himself immensely.  All the time, he’s watching to see if we’re watching, lol.   I am not sure why he waits till we’re there to see him, but we find it quit funny.   He’s a beautiful probably 15-16 lb boy with an attitude…although it’s much better since we had the vet “adjustment” !


6 responses to “Swirl Kat = STUPID!

  1. How adorable, my boy does that in the mud. I guess it’s just a “boy” thing. Mine thinks he’s a dog and lays on his back so you can rub his belly.

  2. Aren’t they adorable? Each cat has their own personality–I get such a kick out of my crew. Each have their own “funny” thing that only they do.

  3. Almost sounds like my big “little” cat – Button (from Button, Button – who’s got the button! children’s game). Only she waits until I go into the kitchen then throws herself down on the floor and “wallers” around – usually right in front of my big klutzy feet! She HAS been lucky though – only twice have my klutzy feet landed on her – fortunately (or not, depending on your point of view) on her tail. Not that this has stopped her “wallering”. I think she believes it to be cute and attention worthy – probably something she learned when she was a kitten – which she needs to get over it – before I trip on her and land splat!

  4. Cats are so funny. Every one as distinct a personality as if they sat in Congress, but a lot more reasonable! (Certainly more entertaining) LOL They certainly bring a lot of joy to our lives don’t they? Did you see the photo of the box of cats with the caption, “Thank you for ordering our ‘Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit!”? I LOLed.