Message for the Day!

Trust in God

Is there any better way to start your day than with the Lord?

Had a Dr. appt yesterday.   All the blood work was good.   Very stable.  Cancer tumor markers were way up for December.   I’ll call tomorrow to see what they are for January.   I’m thinking they’ll be down.    Dr. really wanting me to try one more chemo drug that has shown some good results with the thyroid cancers.    Will have another PET scan later this month or the first part of February.    I feel great, so cannot complain.    The Lord has shown so much mercy and compassion in this journey.   PTL!

We’ve had 2 days of slow, drizzly rain.  Think the gauge showed 1.7″ which isn’t much, but it’s enough to water the trees, grass and shrubs.  Our water table really needs the rain.   We’re still below our annual averages.

Ernie’s been working on getting the new garden planter boxes filled.   We’re hoping to be planting green onions, carrots, radishes and maybe even some greens by the end of the month!   Hard to think about gardens in January, lol.    Thinking we may invest in some heavy, clear drop cloths to make mini hot houses.   Had an idea to nail a 3′ piece of board to either end to drape the plastic over…then we could duct tape (our best tool!!!) the plastic around the edge of the planter boxes.   Any suggestions from my winter gardener readers????

Everyone stay warm and dry!

Susan ~ Patchkat