yUCKie dAY ~

Yesterday was icky. Been having issues with the allergy/sinus type stuff…lots of sneezing and coughing, but yesterday…well ~ was doing good until I started sneezing. Then I was FREEZING ~ ~ ~ didn’t feel like I was running a temp, just couldn’t get warm. Hot tea and the heater did nothing. Finally gave in, packed up and went home.

Took some Ibuprofen and crawled under a bunch of covers and kitties. Kitties make the best heating pads!!! Napped till dinner time. Quick dinner, home made potatoes au gratin, ham chunks sauteed with fresh broccoli, and heated a couple of wheat dinner rolls. I took all my evening pills and crawled back under the covers. Slept until nearly 11PM. Woke up sweating. Played on the computer until midnight, then officially into the bed where I slept like a log.

Of course, that means nothing on my to-do-list was done. THe tree is down, but the ornaments aren’t put up yet. My swap blocks aren’t even started for Denise’s Lifesaver swap…and I have several other small projects that need to be finished by next week that aren’t even close yet. Maybe tonight.

Today is much better. Ernie said I just needed sleep…imagine that. Whatever, he takes such good care of me…always trying to fix hot tea or adding more covers. It’s good to have a keeper, lol.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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