Winter Wonderland!!!

We were forecast to have some rain last night mixed with snow…nothing to stick, no accumulations.   We did have a little bit of rain, but what a gorgeous sight we awoke to this morning!

back 40the back corner of our yard…pretty!  This was maybe a 3″ snowfall.  Snow covers a multitude of ugly!   We had cardinals on the feeder…first time in forever that we’ve had birds.   Guess the kitties scare most of them off.  This morning the birds were hungry, so the cats weren’t much of a deterent.  Ernie will have his hands full keeping the feeders full today!

bridgeand the bridge over the Pecan Bayou…the bayou splits an area known as the Pecan Grove that was a park way back in the early years.   Carnivals used to set up in the grove, families picniced and played.  Now it’s overgrown and just the pecan trees are left.   Our side of the Bayou has pecan trees, but was mostly park picnic area, so we have more grassy area than trees along the bayou.    The snow on the trees was really pretty. 

We’re at 36 degrees now, so most of it has melted away.   The drive to work was foggy and a little slushy, but not bad.

There you have our first snow of 2013~ 

Susan ~ Patchkat