What happens when kittens are involved in Christmas….

DSCF8917 Ernie and I spent a very quiet Christmas at home this past year….this was the aftermath of our gift opening.  Papers and boxes scattered around…some bows and ribbons and lots of tissue paper.

However,  little kitties LOVE paper, boxes and bows.   Especially little kitties who have never seen such a mess made by their humans.  They prance, prowl, roll, jump and chew on everything.

Scamp was totally enthralled with a little wad of paper on the floor….



DSCF8918  I caught Scamp in mid jump…he thought he was such a “BIGGGG” kitty attacking that little wad of paper.   He rubbed, loved, jumped, chewed and rolled in the scraps.


As you can see, he was quite happy with the wad of wrapping paper.   He eventually went to sleep in a pile of papers.

The only lasting problem…he’s now decided he likes paper…paper towels, toilet paper, loose notes….grrrr.

Guess you have to be careful about what you let them get away with.   Just like kids….they don’t understand why the one activity was okay, but unrolling the toilet paper isn’t.

Susan ~ Patchkat






3 responses to “What happens when kittens are involved in Christmas….

  1. One of my cats love paper towels too. I can’t leave them on the holder. they have to stay in the cabinet if not being used.
    They also decided it was fun to help me wrap presents. If only they would hold the paper down as I tape it.

    • Our late Punkin cat loved the individual paper towel rolls…the ones you buy separate in plastic wrappers! He carried them around in his mouth, chewed on them for hours and had a blast. That’s because as a little kitten, he found my MIL’s new feather duster with the little plastic skirt on it…and we played fetch with it. After that, anything in a plastic wrapper was not safe! Gotta love kitties.

  2. Looks like fun to me! Years ago I bought an enormous pack of toilet tissue at Sam’s. I stored the tissue in a spare room thinking I had gotten quite a deal. Two days later I walked after work to find SNOW everywhere – topped off by one exhausted, very happy kitty. “Play day” was a rather expensive experience.