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Wishing you a Blessed, safe and Happy 2013!

Have you heard the old saying “life’s short, eat dessert first” ?     Our time on this Earth is short in human years…shouldn’t we be living every moment like it’s our last?

I’ve been sitting here tonight thinking about those famous New Year’s resolutions that are made every year.   We have such high hopes for a better year than we’ve had, or for better health, more money, whatever it is that we most covet.   I  have issues with keeping New Year’s resolutions….my intentions are always good going into the New Year, but somehow, things happen and I lose sight of what I set out to do.   Maybe I need to learn to set more do-able, realistic resolutions.    Maybe I need to NOT set resolutions, but challenge myself to higher goals!

With that thought in mind,   I’ve come up with a list of personal challenges for 2013:

1.   Spend more time in the scriptures

2.  Be more effective in my prayer life

3.  Have more patience and kindness in my daily life

4.  Enjoy each moment of every day, living my life with no regrets.

5.   To be happy in who I am

My prayer for the New Year is to live my life in God’s will, to be healthy, happy and satisfied with whatever I am given.

Have you made NY resolutions?  Have special wishes for 2013?  Whatever your expectations,  I hope they’re met and you have a blessed year!

Susan ~ Patchkat