A different Christmas in beautiful Downtown Burkett

In Sunday School,  we were told to think about what Christmas means to each of us.  We’re looking forward to a quiet Christmas…a day to reflect on the “reason for the season” and all the blessings that have come to us over the years.    The birth of Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord…the day HE was made manifest in human form.   God sent Jesus into the World to walk among us, to teach, preach and to be the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.

It’s through God’s grace that we draw breath, that we’re healthy.   We have 4 children, 11 Grandchildren, 1 GreatGrandchild and they are all healthy…we are sheltered, clothed, warm and well fed.   Through God’s mercy,  we are forgiven our sins and have salvation.  We are truly blessed.

For the first time in a bunch of years, we are alone for Christmas.   We decided to downplay the traditional trappings…decorations are very simple and handcrafted.    The menu has been pared down to fit 2 instead of the normal 9-15.

With 2 new kittens in the house,  we chose not to put up the big Christmas tree.   Scamp is a one kitty wrecking crew…then if you add Shadow Fire and Ebby into the mix,  they’re running rings around the ceiling.

DSCF8911 Thanksgiving weekend saw son-in-law Lane on the backside of a saw in the field.  I picked out a tree, he cut it down.   We got it into the stand and set up.    A string of lights,  some inexpensive ornaments and some pipe cleaner garland completed the tree.   I will report that Scamp has jumped the tree multiple times, broken about 5 of the cheapie glass ornaments and pulled the garland off several times.  the other kitties haven’t been too interested in the tree.    I’ve redecorated several times.   This is what is left….I’m just hoping it will make it to Christmas morning!

I made a new wreath for the fireplace and a tree for the mantle.  The stockings are hung and the decorating is done.   All the packages were mailed or delivered.   Our traveling has been safely completed.  We can relax and enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas and a Safe, Happy, prosperous New Year.

Susan ~ Patchkat



4 responses to “A different Christmas in beautiful Downtown Burkett

  1. Merry Christmas to you and Ernie, Wishes for a Happy New Year from our house to yours. We will have to celebrate our Christmas together maybe next week?

    • Love the tree! Because we have pesky kitties too we got a couple of tubes of shatterproof ornaments from Goodwill (the ones that are $20 in the normal stores) for $1.00 apiece just to see what would happen. They didn’t even bother them–surprise! I’m still leary about putting up the good ones–I have 2 girls I don’t trust completely…..LOL!

      Merry Christmas to you both!

      Marilyn and Chuck