Burkett Beret and the Burkett Fault Loaves ~ !!!!

Ernie loves to bake bread.  He started baking breads when we lived in El Paso and the kids were still living at home.   A meal with fresh bread was areal treat.    Special occassions still find him up to his elbows in flour, yeast and shortening.   Given all that,  Ernie decided to bake bread to carry to the Dallas area for the kids.

DSCF8909  Mixed and rising.








DSCF8910  punched down, panned and the second rising








DSCF8901 The Burkett Beret….as you can see,  this one crawled out of the pan!   Fast rising yeast lives up to it’s name.    It ended up all the way down the side of the pan before the oven was at the right temperature to bake.






DSCF8908Here are the first 2 loaves out of the oven.  On the left, the Burkett Beret loaf…and on the right,  the Burkett Fault line.   When it crawled out of the pan, Ernie flipped the flap back over the top of the loaf.   We cut this one for dinner and it was YUMMY!   Real butter, homemade jam….who needed anything else!

I love having a husband who is comfortable in the kitchen!


Susan ~ Patchkat





One response to “Burkett Beret and the Burkett Fault Loaves ~ !!!!

  1. We were watching a show about mountain men eating acorns. Oh, we have a huge oak tree in the back yard with a huge haul of acorns every year. I got on line and found a recipe for Acorn Bread. There is a lot of prep work involved but well worth the effort. I ended up making 23 loaves and freezing them. It is wonderful sliced, toasted and served with a little butter.