Christmas Cheer ~

Nice Boss Lady brought handmade candies to work yesterday.   The trays were emptied pretty fast!   She had made yummy peanut fudge, peanut brittle and creamy peanut balls to go with carmel turtles!   YUM!

Last night was our office Christmas party, gift exchange and dinner.  The gift exchange is nearly always a “Chinese” gift exchange and the gifts change hands often.   The Nice Boss Lady and one of my co-workers were both after a wireless computer mouse shaped like a red sports car….

 Nice Boss Lady kept the mouse, lol.   That’s co-worker James and his sweet wife Jimmie in the background.

 The other most desired gifts were a set of hot sauces and a single serve coffee pot.  In the end, nice prevailed and most everyone got to keep the first gift they selected.  Though there were some lanterns (as seen on TV, lol) that changed hands.

 Once the gift exchange was over,  we drove 30 miles to Brownwood for dinner at the Eastern Palace Mongolian Restuarant.   It’s always dangerous to take this group out in public and last night was no exception, lol.   We got rowdy.   Guess it’s a good thing they sort of segregated us!

Co-worker Debbie snapped some pictures of Ernie and I.    The purple hat was part of my Christmas gift from Debbie.  It’s soooo soft and comfy.

 No visit to the chinese place would be complete without the silly photos…  Gotta love the dogs.  









  It was a fun night and I was exhausted by the time we drove home.   Thanks to our Nice Boss Lady for a fun evening.    Good food, good times, good friends.

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “Christmas Cheer ~

  1. Those are *great* pictures at the restaurant! I think purple is your colour! :)) That baby is growing like a weed and is the cutest thing. He looks a lot like his… oh dear, cousin to some degree… your Uncle Harrell’s son Robert when he was a baby. He’s your age…
    Love and Merry Christmas!
    Aunt Deb