Brrrrr…Baby it’s COLD Outside!

We set up the heaters for the greenhouse and sewing room Sunday night….and it’s a good thing…yesterday was cold, but today, we woke up to 18 degrees!   That’s cold for our part of Texas.   The water in the birdbath/fountain was frozen yesterday.  Ernie emptied the fountain, but the kitty buckets were frozen solid this morning.

The kitties have tote beds in the greenhouse and a bucket of water that seldom freezes as the temperature stays about 45 degrees.   It’s just warm enough to save the plants and give the kitties a warmer place to be that’s safe and out of the wind.  3 kitties in a tote/bed generate enough heat to keep them toasty warm.   Not sure how many are staying in there at night as I haven’t been up early enough to count noses as they come out to be fed.   However many, they’re taken care of for now.

We still have plants on the front deck.  Ernie covered them with tarps to help keep them warmer.  It’s supposed to be warmer this weekend, so we’ll do something more permanent with those last few plants.  May put them in the ground and mulch then cover.

So,  for now,  we’re staying inside enjoying the smell of oak and pecan in the fireplace.

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “Brrrrr…Baby it’s COLD Outside!

  1. We’re getting our share of snow this winter. We have a about a foot of snow on the walk & the driveway tonight. Don’t know if my daughter will have time to shovel all of it before she goes to work in the morning. But I still love the winter.