As with all good things, even times with special friends have to end :-(

Cannot believe the time passed so quickly.   Sheryl and I met through an internet quilting group in 1999.  We laugh about being sisters separated at birth.   We’re alike in so many ways, that it could’ve been.

Susan and Sheryl1 It was hard to head off for work on Tuesday.  Ernie helped Sheryl load up and then she was gone.

It was such fun to have those few days to visit with Sheryl.  Normally when we get together, there is so much going on that we don’t have any time to just sit and talk.   This time,  if we were home, we just sat and talked.  Neither of us sewed a stitch!!!  What a switch, lol.   There’s not alot to do after dark in downtown Burkett.

Now, the house is quiet.   Our kitties are even more spoiled than they were before Sheryl arrived…and I’m already looking forward to another chance to visit!

Susan ~ Patchkat





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