More of the candy making

Thought I’d show you a few more photos from the candy making weekend.   After we worked all day and late into the evening on Friday,  Sheryl and I headed back to Coleman where we met Ernie for dinner.   Think we stayed up way late visiting…and then were up at 7AM to have breakfast and head back to Wanda’s.  It’s an hour drive to get there…and there is a quilt shop in Winters.  Of course,  we had to check out the quilt shop before we started making candy.   We both purchased respectable amounts of fabric…mine was for Denise’s MOH challenge.  I found a stripe that I’m hoping to make work for the border.   Sheryl purchased some pretties and some fabric, lol.   Nice shop.

With the burning of plastic out of our system, we were free to get elbow deep into the candy making again.  Sorry for the yellow photos…my little pocket camera will not take very good inside people photos.

IMAG0035Sheryl volunteered to make turtles…this is one very labor intensive candy!   This one takes spooning melted chocolate onto wax paper, adding pecans and caramel that has been cut and shaped to fit.  With that done,  one has to drop more melted chocolate and cover all the afore mentioned items.   We normally work with 3 people for this.   Anyhow,  Sheryl spent hours making turtles.  I made chocolate peanut clusters in between rolling and dipping centers.   Most of us ended up with chocolate everywhere.   I even had a streak of chocolate down the back of my white t-shirt!  Guess I backed into someone with chocolate-y hands, lol.

This is the scene in Wanda’s front bedroom…all these centers are waiting to be dipped!


577997_436154459765392_1495857576_nI’m not sure exactly how many flavors of centers we ended up rolling.  What’s on the bed right now is chocolate pudding, strawberry, mint creams, peanut butters and orange creams.   I know we didn’t have time to roll a couple of my favorites, so I’ll be doing those at home before Christmas.







Vonda did an excellent job of sorting, counting and boxing all those candies!   She stood on her feet for 2 days and she could still smile!

Anyhow,  it was tiring, but oh so much fun.  One would think we would sample our way through the candy making process, but in actuality,  there was very little sampling going on.  By the time we’re done,  no-one even wants to SMELL chocolate, much less eat it.

Wanda is the one I feel sorry for…she opens her whole house up to the 12-16 who show up each year…her kitchen, dining room and 2 bedrooms are a disaster area for the 2 days.  Her husband has to learn to sleep in his recliner as he cannot get into the bed until the chocolates are moved.  When we’re done,  there are piles of dishes and towels to be washed…and floors in need of serious sweeping and mopping.  What a messy bunch we are!  Thank you Wanda for hostessing this event year after year.  Hope you’ve recovered!

Sheryl and I each came back with about 35-40 lbs of assorted chocolates.    Not bad for 2 days of fun with friends.

Susan ~ Patchkat








3 responses to “More of the candy making

  1. Holy Smokes! That’s a whole lot of chocolates. You need the lovely hats like Lucy and Ethel. LOL

  2. Is there some way I can send my address so you can send me a big ole box of those candies, especially the mint center ones. Now if I could just find a good buy on mincemeat pie I’d have my Christmas goodies.

  3. Am rested and held an Open House at the Rock Hotel and Museum. Did have to mop three times as my feet would stick to the floor in spots. Will start packing candy tomorrow, some has to be mailed. Otherwise I have not opened the boxes. I have stayed away from the front bedroom.
    Had fun, was tired, now planning for next year.