Kitty Love ~ !

I find it interesting how the kitties pair up.   None of these are siblings or related in any fashion.   It’s taken years for PB and Sassy to pair up.

sassy and pb

PB and Sassy spend a lot of time curled up together on the couch or the bed.  They knead each other’s bellies and sleep for hours.   We’re always snapping pics of their antics cause of course, we find them cute.    PB is old and looks so tiny compared to Sassy.  PB is our last “foreign kitty” as we brought her home from our last assignment in Saudi Arabia.   Sassy is a rescue kitty from El Paso, TX.

Most of our kitties have 2 things in common…they’re rescue and they’re ugly, lol….but we love them each and every one.



shadow and scampThese two boys are almost pathetic.  They are unrelated and they are almost a year apart in age…yet, they are nearly inseperable.   They get into so much trouble running through the house.   Nothing on a flat surface is safe when they’re on a tear.   Once they run out of steam,  they usually cuddle up together for some mutual grooming and naptime.

ShadowFire is a rescue from the neighborhood.   Don’t know where he came from, but he was sick and malnourished.    The little Scamp was delivered by a friend.   Also sick, malnourished and if left where he was found would’ve been coyote snack food before the night was over.

ShadowFire and Scamp have been inseperable from the very first day we let Scamp roam the house.   No growling, no fights, just immediate friends.

I love to watch the interaction between kitties.  With 13 or so outside,  it’s like one big happy family…most of the time.   Occassionally someone gets their knickers in a twist and we have growling and slapping.    For the most part, they either get along or agree to disagree.  Since we had Swirl neutered, we have much more peace on the deck, lol.

With the herd of kitties, we don’t need dogs as the kitties follow us around outside….and we don’t seem to have much trouble with snakes, mice or rats.  I’ll definately keep feeding kitties!   They;re great entertainment and I like being petted by them!

Susan ~ Patchkat


A different Christmas in beautiful Downtown Burkett

In Sunday School,  we were told to think about what Christmas means to each of us.  We’re looking forward to a quiet Christmas…a day to reflect on the “reason for the season” and all the blessings that have come to us over the years.    The birth of Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord…the day HE was made manifest in human form.   God sent Jesus into the World to walk among us, to teach, preach and to be the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.

It’s through God’s grace that we draw breath, that we’re healthy.   We have 4 children, 11 Grandchildren, 1 GreatGrandchild and they are all healthy…we are sheltered, clothed, warm and well fed.   Through God’s mercy,  we are forgiven our sins and have salvation.  We are truly blessed.

For the first time in a bunch of years, we are alone for Christmas.   We decided to downplay the traditional trappings…decorations are very simple and handcrafted.    The menu has been pared down to fit 2 instead of the normal 9-15.

With 2 new kittens in the house,  we chose not to put up the big Christmas tree.   Scamp is a one kitty wrecking crew…then if you add Shadow Fire and Ebby into the mix,  they’re running rings around the ceiling.

DSCF8911 Thanksgiving weekend saw son-in-law Lane on the backside of a saw in the field.  I picked out a tree, he cut it down.   We got it into the stand and set up.    A string of lights,  some inexpensive ornaments and some pipe cleaner garland completed the tree.   I will report that Scamp has jumped the tree multiple times, broken about 5 of the cheapie glass ornaments and pulled the garland off several times.  the other kitties haven’t been too interested in the tree.    I’ve redecorated several times.   This is what is left….I’m just hoping it will make it to Christmas morning!

I made a new wreath for the fireplace and a tree for the mantle.  The stockings are hung and the decorating is done.   All the packages were mailed or delivered.   Our traveling has been safely completed.  We can relax and enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas and a Safe, Happy, prosperous New Year.

Susan ~ Patchkat


Burkett Beret and the Burkett Fault Loaves ~ !!!!

Ernie loves to bake bread.  He started baking breads when we lived in El Paso and the kids were still living at home.   A meal with fresh bread was areal treat.    Special occassions still find him up to his elbows in flour, yeast and shortening.   Given all that,  Ernie decided to bake bread to carry to the Dallas area for the kids.

DSCF8909  Mixed and rising.








DSCF8910  punched down, panned and the second rising








DSCF8901 The Burkett Beret….as you can see,  this one crawled out of the pan!   Fast rising yeast lives up to it’s name.    It ended up all the way down the side of the pan before the oven was at the right temperature to bake.






DSCF8908Here are the first 2 loaves out of the oven.  On the left, the Burkett Beret loaf…and on the right,  the Burkett Fault line.   When it crawled out of the pan, Ernie flipped the flap back over the top of the loaf.   We cut this one for dinner and it was YUMMY!   Real butter, homemade jam….who needed anything else!

I love having a husband who is comfortable in the kitchen!


Susan ~ Patchkat




Christmas Cheer ~

Nice Boss Lady brought handmade candies to work yesterday.   The trays were emptied pretty fast!   She had made yummy peanut fudge, peanut brittle and creamy peanut balls to go with carmel turtles!   YUM!

Last night was our office Christmas party, gift exchange and dinner.  The gift exchange is nearly always a “Chinese” gift exchange and the gifts change hands often.   The Nice Boss Lady and one of my co-workers were both after a wireless computer mouse shaped like a red sports car….

 Nice Boss Lady kept the mouse, lol.   That’s co-worker James and his sweet wife Jimmie in the background.

 The other most desired gifts were a set of hot sauces and a single serve coffee pot.  In the end, nice prevailed and most everyone got to keep the first gift they selected.  Though there were some lanterns (as seen on TV, lol) that changed hands.

 Once the gift exchange was over,  we drove 30 miles to Brownwood for dinner at the Eastern Palace Mongolian Restuarant.   It’s always dangerous to take this group out in public and last night was no exception, lol.   We got rowdy.   Guess it’s a good thing they sort of segregated us!

Co-worker Debbie snapped some pictures of Ernie and I.    The purple hat was part of my Christmas gift from Debbie.  It’s soooo soft and comfy.

 No visit to the chinese place would be complete without the silly photos…  Gotta love the dogs.  









  It was a fun night and I was exhausted by the time we drove home.   Thanks to our Nice Boss Lady for a fun evening.    Good food, good times, good friends.

Susan ~ Patchkat

How’s this for cute….

316660_4118169081606_1597794117_n Christy posted this earlier today and I had to share….cannot believe Isaac is growing so fast!  He looks like a handful of sweet baby boy.

Talked to Christy last night.   For hours, lol…think we both had cauliflower ears when we hung up.  They have tickets for the TransSiberian Orchestra concert again…said it was wonderful last year.   Think they’re a bit rowdy for me, but I do love about 4 of their songs.  We’ve watched the TV concert and I enjoyed it.


Susan ~ Patchkat