what a day!

Actually,  this has been a terrific 2 days with more to come.   This is the annual Christmas candy making weekend at WWanda’s house.   I hadn’t planned on making candy this weekend, but….

One of my bestest friends, Sheryl, arrived yesterday from Louisiana!   I have been soooo excited for the last few days just knowing she was coming…now she’s here and we’re having fun.

We spent last night making our centers for the dipped candies and the day at WWanda’s making candy.   What fun!  Lots of visiting,  lots of rolling candy centers.  Sheryl and Lynn dipping centers, Wanda, Lynn and Caroline dipping candies.   Lynn got this shot of myself, Wanda, Sheryl (even though she’s wearing an apron that says she’s Wanda, lol) and Sandy.   What a fun time with old friends…and we get to go back and do it again tomorrow!!! YEAH!!!

















More photos tomorrow when I retrieve my camera.  These photos are courtesy of Lynn.

Susan ~ Patchkat



2 responses to “what a day!

  1. hope you are rested up. I slept or died last night, waking about 5am, then again at 7. Got up and dressed for church, came home, ate left overs. Napped, then mopped the kitchen and dining room. Moved candy from here to there, and now just to put up all those items used for candy
    Will go with Sheryl tomorrow to visit a friend and go to Abilene to deliver extra candy to those who had to leave early. (7pm or 8pm.)