Thanksgiving adventures in Burkett

Daughters Stacie and Laura along with their families came to Burkett for Thanksgiving.  We had a blast.  It was so fantastic to have the girls in the kitchen cooking with me….that doesn’t happen often, but it did and we had fun.  The kids helped Laura make deviled eggs…that was an experience!    Adrienne required peeling lessons from her Mom (Stacie) while her sister, Allison looked on.  Reed handled his eggs with confidence, lol.   Laura never broke stride…she had them wrapping eggs in a paper towel then whacking them on the table with great flare!  oh…the eggs were yummy too!


Standard turkey day dinner,  some napping afterwards…kids went out and played, shot the bb gun, walked all over town…this is one neat place for being able to get out and walk without lots of worries about traffic and bad things happening…or it normally is…

Adrienne took their dog (fat. black lab) Daisy out walking after Thanksgiving dinner.  They were coming back down the street when Adrienne started screaming and the dog was whining and yelping.  When Stacie reached them,  there was a white pit bull hanging off of Daisy’s ear.  The owner was trying to pull his dog off Daisy with one of his other dogs (also a pit bull) trying to get in on the action.  Before it was all over,  we ended up carrying Daisy to the vet.  She spent the night sedated after they stitched her ear back together.

  can you see the fine stitches from the fold to the end of her ear?  The pit bull ripped her ear and severed a blood vessel.   It’s bad enough that it was Daisy, but what if it had been Adrienne ???   Scared all of us.

Turns out the man was visiting our soon to be neighbors and the dogs got away from him.  We didn’t know they were even here, much less with 4 pit bulls….they were hunting wild hogs…which is what the dogs are trained to do.  Guess a fat, black lab looks a lot like a hog!  The neighbors are taking care of the vet bill.   I know they’re thankful the damages weren’t more extensive.   We certainly are.


Here’s Adrienne and Daisy on Friday.  None the worse for wear.  Thank God!


The hit of the weekend was Scamp…he was carried,  held and otherwise wooled by everyone in the house.   And he ate it all up!  Reed spent a lot of time loving on the kitties…think Scamp is the fav.


By Saturday afternoon,  the house was empty again…and the cats were all laying around in their normal positions.   We found the recliners and napped a little…then it was back to normal…laundry and some housework.  YUK.

Susan ~ Patchkat




One response to “Thanksgiving adventures in Burkett

  1. I am glad Daisey is ok. Labs are such loving dogs and so good with kids.
    We have one and she loves our granddaughter to death…very protective of her.