Summer’s bounty

Summer didn’t give us many tomatoes as we got hot way too quickly and the blooms wouldn’t set.  Ernie watered and babied them all Summer…we might have eaten 7 or 8 tomatoes before they quit setting.   But…with cooler weather,  they went wild…we’ve eaten more vine ripened tomatoes in the last month than we did all Summer!

With the weather changes, it was time to pull the green tomatoes.   This is the last of Summer’s bounty…

I have enough to make a small batch of green tomato pickles….the largest tomatoes are a little larger than golf balls.   They’ve turned since I brought them in.   I’m thinking about chopping them up for the freezer.    We didn’t have green tomatoes last year, so nothing for a yummy green tomato soup.

We’re already planning next year’s gardens!   Maybe we’ll have better luck growing tomatoes in the new raised beds.

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “Summer’s bounty

  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!How do you make green tomato soup?  We like fried green tomatoes. Joyce in OH