Car woes and other stuff

Let’s see…had a Dr visit on Wednesday.    No more chemo…until I tell her I’m ready to do it again.   YEAH!   I feel great and that means I’ll have energy for the busy Holiday season.

Um…let’s back up a few days.   Cold, cold on Monday morning.   Started the van and it acted really sluggish.   I figured it was cold, so babied it along on the highway.  Went up a hill,  and it started stutter stepping and the engine light came on.  That’s when I pulled off the road and called Ernie.   I decided to take it on to town…which I did without further problems.  The engine light even went off.   Ernie came in, took it to the parts store and had them pull the “codes” for the problems.   After several calls to son Lance with code information,  they figured out it was probably transmission.

We drove to Abilene to Dr on Wednesday.  Had to start off in 2nd gear, but it drove okay.  Transmission shop couldn’t get to it until Thursday.   After Dr visit,  we went to the hospital so I could visit with our Sister-in-Law.   Ernie is still nursing a bad cold, so no way was he going into ICU to see her.    BUT…she’s doing well!   Thank you all for your positive thoughts and prayers.  The tests have shown she does have lung cancer and 2 leaky heart valves….and she’s still fighting double pnuemonia.  This is going to be a long term health issue for her.   Please keep her in prayer.

Nice Boss Lady and I drove into Abilene on Thursday for a business meeting,  Ernie drove in to go to transmission place.   They kept the van,  Ernie was on foot.   They were nice enough to get him to where we were.   Another friend was in town so Ernie called him and got a ride home to Burkett.

On Friday,  we were back in Abilene for day 2 of the conference.  Got out a little before noon, so Nice Boss Lady and I went to Olive Garden for lunch, then spent the rest of the afternoon shopping.   Our local H.E.B. store was a ZOO!   We managed to score a few groceries in spite of the packed store.   We hit Bed, Bath and Beyond,  then Michael’s.   We both found some cool Christmas gifts, so it was a great day.

The van?   High $$$ repair.   Should be ready Tuesday, hopefully.    We’re in the market for another vehicle.    Been talking about it for awhile, but now,  I think we’re seriously looking.    I’ve been online looking at the specs on  mid-size vehicles.   Looks like the Ford Escape has the best gas mileage.   We need fuel efficiency,  space to carry kitties and stuff plus a comfortable ride that I can get in/out of easily.   My  all time favorite would be a double cab Silverado, but….there is no fuel efficency factor there, and as much time as we spend on the road,  that has to be our second consideration, right after comfort.   I hate shopping for vehicles even more than I hate shopping for clothing.    YUK.

We spent this afternoon shopping for last minute dinner stuff.   Think we’re as ready for Thanksgiving as one can get.  It’s too early for me to start baking, but that’s what I would like to be doing!    Have 2 of the 4 kids and 4 Grands coming for the weekend.   Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Guess I’ve loitered here long enough for tonight…need to get a little work done!

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “Car woes and other stuff

  1. Susan,
    I bought me a 2006 Toyota Sienna mini van in nov 2005, as I needed something that I could carry passengers or ‘whatever’ in. I get 26 miles to the gal/fuel, the ride is superb, the two bucket seats behind the driver will fold up for more room or you can take them out easily, the split (two) seats in the back are as thick and comfortable as the front is and they fold up and go into a ‘well’ so that the floor is flat from the back lift door to the dash. it has 8 airbags, As of now, 174,000 + – , the only thing I do is change oil every 5000 miles, rotate tires and just general maintenance on it. I hope you find just what you are looking for but thought I would share this info with you.. and it doesn’t drive nor feel like a mini van:)

  2. So happy to hear you’re “feeling good!” (now I have that song “I feel good….” going through my head. LOL Not so good about the car.