Quick family health update ~

Good news…my Sister-in-Law in Houston is on the mend.   Her test results are great, her heart is fine.  She didn’t have a stroke!  Apparently she was severely dehydrated and that caused her problems.   We’re so thankful for your prayers.  The Lord continues to bless our family.

We still need your prayers for our Sister-in-Law with the double pnuemonia.  She’s on a ventilator and doing poorly.   The Dr has ordered a needle biopsy in one lung.  They’ve determined her heart is bad (one valve not working properly)  and she has one bad lung.   She has so much stacked against her and really needs your prayers.   

My Brother-in-Law managed to get a little rest over the weekend while they had Martha sedated.   He sounded much better yesterday.   Keep him in your prayers too, please.

Thank you for always being such willing prayer warriors on our prayer team!  We are so truly blessed.

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “Quick family health update ~

  1. May our God continue to keep His protective Hands over your family. Be gracious unto Him and many Blessings to you and yours b