Need your prayers….

We had a trip to East Texas planned for tomorrow to attend the grand opening of my brother’s antique shop.   We’re unable to go, but…if you’re in the Gladewater, TX area,  please check out “Gypsy Rose” on S. Main.

My Sis-in-Law (Martha) was admitted to the hospital several days ago with double pneumonia.   The tests and x-rays have turned up some suspicious activity in her lungs,  grossly swollen lymph nodes…and they’ve called in an oncologist.   She was airlifted to Abilene, TX where she is in ICU on a ventilator….and it’s not looking good.   They have her sedated tonight and Ernie’s brother has gone  home to take care of business, check on the family and hopefully get some rest for himself.    We decided we need to stick close to home so we could help wherever we’re needed.

Ernie made his nightly call to his Mom only to learn that his older sister passed out at work today and she’s in a hospital in the Houston area.   Don’t know yet what’s going on with her.   She’s been admitted and will probably spend her night under observation.

Anyhow,  while Ernie and I are doing well,  I’m asking for prayers for my extended family.   Prayers for Martha, Norman and Teresa would be much appreciated.    Ernie and I are living proof that God hears those prayers.

Susan ~ Patchkat




16 responses to “Need your prayers….

  1. May God place this loving family in His protective hands to heal, guide and continue to love as only He does. Please keep all in your protective hands always. Amen

  2. You’ve certainly been dealt a bit more than your share. My prayers to you and your family.

  3. I hate to hear all the troubles that your families are facing, but you are right, prayer will create miracles.

  4. My the Lord protect and keep you and your family. May his calming hands ease worried hearts and minds. May his healing touch reach to each as they need. You know our needs and we trust you in your ways. Be with this family Lord and let your presence be made known.

  5. May God protect, comfort, give strength and heal each of you as you go through this time of troubles. He knows what each of you need and will be there with you. Prayers!!

  6. I’ll be praying for all concerned. We’ve had many recent times of answered prayer, too. Our God is gracious.

  7. I’m so sorry to hear about your “new” worries. It seems that you and Ernie have more than your share of problems. I’m keeping you two (and your whole family) in my prayers. Lynn North Carolina

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  8. My prayers as always are with you and now extended to your family. Keep in touch. God speed, Ann J