Just like Christmas!!!!

WWanda’s hubby stopped by the office this morning!  He handcarried a little package from kindred spirit sister-friend Sheryl.   That little package has changed hands several times this week, lol.

Sheryl (Louisiana) carried it to Houston and handed it off to WWanda.  WWanda carried it home and we were going to meet up next week, but…as life would have it, plans changed.  Charles had to come into town for an appointment and performed another “honey do” for WWanda…and I now have the package.   YEAH!

What was in it?   A lovely piece of grey and black striped yardage with a bunch of fabric scraps to match!   I already have a bunch of great red/black fabrics that were gifted by another dear friend “BAD” Anita in Alabama.   Yes, she really is “BAD”!!!!  She’s the best enabler I know, ROFLOL!!!  Miss ya girlfriend!  We need to burn some plastic together again.

After Charles left,  one of our tenants commented on a pin adorning the hat I was wearing.   I told her it was made by a  friend in New Mexico.  My co-worker popped up and said she loved the cat pin I wore yesterday…well,  that was made by another friend in south Texas some years ago.   The other day,  I wore a batik scarf…gifted by my onery friend Denise in Wisconsin.   I have beautiful scarves, pins, and handcrafted hats gifted by several other dear friends scattered around the States.

I’ve always heard that if you put 2 women in a room there will eventually be a cat fight cause women just cannot get along…well…I’m here to tell you that these friendships (all but 2 came from internet quilting groups) Yes,  we’ve all met in person and shared some of the wildest times together!!! Several go back nearly 2 decades…and even though our paths have carried us separate ways, the friendships are still dear to me.

You know,   I have so much to be thankful for…including these great friendships with caring, talented women.   Y’all make me laugh, cheer me up when I’m down…and you’re not afraid to tell me when I miss the mark.   I have the bestest friends in the World!!!

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “Just like Christmas!!!!

  1. I’m so glad you like your little package. Your friends think that *we* have the bestest friend in the world because we have you!

  2. See, Sheryl, I did get it to Susan. Promptly, too. Wicked Wanda could not even think of any thing wicked to do to the package. :)