Rooting Around!

WWanda told me I could cut the tips off my sweet potato vines and root them for new plants.   Taking her at her word,  I grabbed my trusty scissors took some cuttings.

There is purple sweet potato vine, the lovely chartruese sweet potato vine AND while I was cutting,  I took cuttings of the sage, the purple basil and the Thai basil.

2 weeks later,  they’ve all put out roots in their watery baths.   Now, to get more pots and get them potted in dirt.  I’m going to need to find somewhere with enough light and heat to keep them going through the winter.  Maybe a grow light….

Susan ~ Patchkat


5 responses to “Rooting Around!

  1. Susan this is my second year with the ornamental sweet potato vines. last year about the 1st of Dec i took several cuttings (lol..they root in like two days) then about 2 weeks before Christmas potted them in the 4 inch containers you purchase plants in..tucked them in the Christmas bags from Dollar store..then made some more bags from christmas Fabric and took them to Nursing Home, also as hostess gifts. Most of them were blooming by then or at least really bushy and I added some silk christmas flowers. Oh i stuck a lid under the little 2/12 in sq plastic pots so the bags did not get damp. Made great gifts and many tht received them have told me how they enjoyed them this summer. Oh by the way thanks for the remembrance of the i have two stalks growing

    • What a terrific idea! I have lots more tips I could cut and root. My celery got put outside and died :-( Should’ve left it in the house! However, we potted a red cabbage bottom and it’s doing wonderful!

  2. Beautiful, Susan! Never realized there were sweet potato plants with purple leaves. You are so creative!

    • LOL…WWanda was the inspiration for this…I wouldn’t have thought of it on my own. I may try to put the original plants in the greenhouse room for the winter, but I think it’s still too chilly in there.

  3. We used to have sweet potato vine all over the kitchen in the winter. Just stick toothpicks in a sweet tater about half way down and stick one end in a mason jar full of water, keep watered and soon the dern thing is climbing everywhere. :) Mother would plant it in the spring and it would grow into a big plant with lots of sweet taters. I didn’t know about the basil – I grew lots of it in BC but it won’t grow here, there’s a fungus in the soil which kills it. (Bah humbug!)
    Aunt Deb