A Stripe is Found…..

 Okay Miss Melba….thanks to your comment,  I had to go stash diving yet again.

But,  I did find a stripe in  the stash that has the right blues, purples and greens.   Don’t know who the manufacturer is as the selvedge edge is gone..and I have less than a half yard of it…so will be a challenge to find a pattern where I won’t need more fabric.

Thanks for reminding me of the stripe!  I think it will work just fine and I enjoy working with stripes.

I’ve enjoyed reading your comments on patterns.   WWanda,  I don’t have enough of the floral to make those huge blocks in your pattern.

HOWEVER,   I might could reduce the block size and use it, or  draw my own pattern with similar style.

I’ve been thinking of a disappearing 9 patch starting with 6.5″ or 9.5″ blocks.   Need to play in EQ for awhile and see what pops up.  I just know I don’t want to cut the floral into anything smaller than 6.5″.


 Anymore suggestions?  As always,  I welcome your suggestions and value your opinions.  The stripe has to stay…I don’t have anything in the stash even close to these colors.

Susan ~ Patchkat


BOO! Happy Halloween!

 Tonight’s the night for all goblins, witches, cheerleaders, football players, clowns, Preppies, puppies, kitties, ghosties and critters to howl….most of them are running around the streets carrying sacks, buckets, and bags with their hands out yelling “Trick or Treat”.

Here you see our cutie Grands….Allison, Adrienne, and Reed.  Looks like they’re ready to rock and roll!   They live in a very populated city area, so they’re bound to come home with wayyyy to many candies, lol.

We also had a few trick or treaters at work.    There were a couple of adorable pirates, Dracuzilla and Dracula.    I met them at the counter…. in my full witchy regalia.   There’s that purple hair again!

It was a fun day.   Here in downtown Burkett,  we don’t expect any trick or treaters.  As a matter of fact, they can only come around until 8PM, so I would say we won’t have anyone.   One of the cons of living in the middle of no-where…or a pro depending on how you look at it.  What we now have is a bag of mini chocolates to eat on or give away.

 So….Happy Halloween.  Hope you and your’s had a good evening and enjoyed some fun Trick or Treating.

Susan ~ Patchkat