Quick update

No oral surgery for me.    The X-Geva injection that I take every month sets me up as a prime candidate for a jawbone infection/disease that can erode the jawbone.  There is no treatment, no cure for it.   Sooooo….unless the molar breaks or the wisdom tooth comes through, the Doc said we aren’t going to mess with what isn’t broken.    Just have to step up my tooth care regime and be careful with that molar…no hard stuff to chew on, etc…

We did have a nice drive to/from Stephenville and I got a trip to the “Flying Needle” quilt shop.  Woohoo!  Saw some pretty fabrics, looked through some interesting books…and came home with some sheets of felt for holiday projects.   I finished another scarf on the way home…so that was cool.

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “Quick update

  1. Can you get golden seal powder? It is just the ticket for mouth ulcers. Tastes absolutely nasty but you make a mouthwash with 2 tsps powder into a cup of boiling water, then cover and let steep. Decant into a sterile jar and keep in the fridge. Just swish on the ulcers three or four times a day. Discard any leftover solution after three days and make new. I’ve given this to lots of people when I was practicing, some of whom had come to the point where they could no longer eat because of mouth ulcers, and it’s worked really well for most everyone.
    Love you,
    Aunt Deb

    • Auntie Deb….I’ve never heard of golden seal powder. Would that come from health food/natural foods store? The mouth ulcers are gone. Thank you God! It’s terrific how HE handles these things
      . I have a sore throat, but feel terrific other than that.