Cannot say I’ve stashbusted any fabric as I haven’t sewn all week, BUT…I have busted 3 skeins of yarn making scarves.   The fabric numbers are just a repeat of last week, so I’m not going to bore you by going through them again.

I intend to cut out the rest of the CTS blocks tonight.   I would also like to drag the featherweight back into the kitchen so I can put together the rest of the blocks for another donation quilt.  Cannot wait to get it finished as I think it’s going to be quite colorful and fun.

Had friends drop by last night with more fresh eggs.  What a blessing to have friends like Tim and Margaret!  Only problem last night…they didn’t have the girls with them :-(    Those girls are such fun.   They’re old beyond their ages and fun to chat with.    Margaret played with Scamp and Tim kept telling her she should’ve brought him home instead of the one’s she’d already adopted, lol.  Too late now,  he’s ours!

I have an appointment with an oral surgeon tomorrow.   He’s in Stephenville….nothing is close to us, lol, but we’ll have 3 hours to listen to ” Armageddon” which is the next to last book in the “Left Behind” series.   Google it….if you haven’t read the books, they’re quite interesting.   Brings the book of Revelation to life.

Church message was powerful this morning.   Only 14 in attendance, but we raised the rafters in song praise!   Went out for dinner, now have laundry going and it’s nap time!!!!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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